ServDentist TV

Boost your annual revenue per patient!

ServDentist™ TV lightens your workload by informing clients about treatments your clinic offers, and increases your office revenue by encouraging patients to seek more information about these treatments. This proven approach will inevitably improve your communication with patients as you continually address their questions and concerns. To learn more about our educational philosophy, we encourage you to view a few of our demo clips and listen to the client testimonials available.

Money-back guarantee*
500 We’ve helped more than 500 dental clinics increase their annual revenue per patient!
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To maintain a calm atmosphere in your waiting room, our clips are silent and ad-free.



  • • Fully revamped visuals
  • • More than 50 new themes
  • • Real-time animated weather forecasts
  • • Preauthorized RSS news feed
  • • New content management system (self-service)
  • • Customizable screen layout
  • • Enhanced operating system reliability
  • • Quick installation and Wi-Fi available
  • • Personalized mobile interface
  • • Interact directly with patients
  • • Mobile environment metrics tracking (monthly traffic analysis and reports)
  • • An interesting environment for patients
new servdentist tv


Lightens your workload by answering your patients’ questions about the treatments and services you provide

Reduces patient resistance to proposed treatment plans

Helps boost your annual revenue per patient through effective messages and relevant information

Shortens perceived wait times

Installation according to your needs

Single-screen installation

Multi-screen installation


One-year warranty from the date of shipment for physical defects and malfunctions. If the equipment fails due to a manufacturing defect, InfoSign Media shall repair the unit off-site, or on-site if the client has signed a maintenance agreement.

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Technical support

The technical support provided by InfoSign Media includes, but is not limited to, telephone support, off-site repairs and remote diagnosis. Many of these services are included in the standard limited warranty.

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Money-back guarantee

2 months satisfaction guaranteed.

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