ServDentist™ TVO

A customizable educational screensaver for operating rooms.

Take advantage of the ServDentist ™ TV 6 benefits even in exam rooms by sharing it to your computer screens as a screensaver.

ServDentist ™ TVO

The ServDentist ™ TVO is an educational screensaver

It captures the attention of the patient and becomes a complement to the efforts of your team.

Do you have the ServDentist ™ TV 6? See the influence that a simple application to download and install can have on patient communication as well as on treatment plans acceptance rate.

Available only with the ServDentist ™ TV 6.

An upgrade is possible if you have version 5 of our product. Let's take a few minutes to talk. We'll give you more details on our educational and customizable screensaver, which will enrich your patients' experience in the treatment room.