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Patients will more readily agree to the treatment plans proposed

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On average, people remember only 11% of what they hear, but 83% of what they see.

Software that explains dental procedures through 3D interactive
models, for use in treatment rooms Free trial

What is Showplan-DX?

Showplan-DX is a software application for use in treatment rooms that takes only 30 seconds on average to explain a procedure.

Gives you full control of a 3D model (e.g. rotate 360°, or zoom in or out).

Emails 2D and 3D animations to your patients.

Creates personalized and anonymous surveys and automatically generates statistics.

Runs on PC, Mac and iPad.


Patients will better understand the reasons for the treatment plans proposed

Patients will more readily agree to the treatment plans proposed

Patients can make better-informed decisions

Showplan-DX is updated regularly to include new procedures

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Showplan-DX is an effective, versatile system that presents visualizations of dental problems and their treatment. In fact, a virtual demonstration of a procedure takes only a few seconds. I use it in my training sessions to show how an interactive visual tool can increase a patient’s understanding of their problem.

The 3D model is easy to manipulate and I can enhance any aspect. In the treatment room or during a consultation, this new technology provides a simple, quick and efficient way of communicating with a patient.

And I’m impressed by how realistic it is.

Dr.Pierre Cournoyer

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